sudden infant death syndrome cot death baby loss

sudden infant death syndrome cot death baby loss.

Can an infant baby die within the first year of life? answer yes on rare occasions.

What is sudden infant death syndrome?

an unexplained baby death within the first year of life ,after a detailed autopsy no cause could be determined. infants are at the highest risk for SIDS during sleep, it is sometimes known as a cot death

Approx300 babies die suddenly and unexpectedly in the UK every year a cot death can happen to any particular baby. However some babies are more at risk. These are babies between one and four months, premature babies, low birthweight babies and boys are more at risk too.

How to cut the risk of a infant cot death

  • correct sleeping position baby on back use sheets and blankets not an extra thick duvet.
  • No co-sleeping even if you can be bothered to put baby back down because you are just too tired.
  • temperature control not too hot.
  • Smoke free environment.




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