can’t stop a premature birth premature babies born at 24weeks

can’t stop a premature birth premature babies born at 24weeks.

coming soon a film called 24weekers


24weekers is an engaging and shocking drama set predominantly in the neonatal facility of a large city centre hospital in North West England.  It’s about women who are thrust into a very unique and extraordinary situation when their babies are born months earlier than expected.  The plot has beenwritten to operate across the entire spectrum of emotions felt by these women and their partners.


The screenplay has been developed to reach out to a broad worldwide audience looking for something powerful and important to go with their popcorn! Audiences have related to similar themes previously,over and over, in films such as ERIN BROCKOVICH andONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST.  Our film will connect with its audience in just the same way.


Counterpointing this powerful and claustrophobic drama, our leads Karen and Angie have many blackly comic moments, as well as occasions of suspense, detachment, tension, madness and euphoria.  The subject matter of the film has attracted keen interest from leading baby charities in the UK and the US.


Given the universal themes and the controversial & topical subject matter, 24WEEKERS will be a unique and challenging movie, with broad appeal particularlysignificant upon the over-25s audience. The intense medical drama, black comedy, paranoia and the core content will also provide audiences with plenty of word of mouth material.


I wrote and developed 24weekers based on personal experience.  Our son Jack was born at 24 weeks in St Mary’s Hospital Manchester in 2005.  The film captures the highs and lows of Jack and my wife’s four months in St Mary’s NICU prior to a lengthy period jack spent in Burnley general’s NICU unit.


In the past two months we have shot and edited a trailer for 24weekers to provide a glimpse of the look and feel of the final movie – a screening of this trailer has been arranged in Manchester, to take place at the Odeon Printworks, on Thursday 20th October.  The format of the evening will include champagne reception, canapes, Q&A with some prem baby mums, as well as the screening of the 24weekers trailer.  The event is to raise awareness about this important projectas well as the subject matter in general


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