stillborn baby what message to say to parents

stillborn baby what message to say to parents on a card

you have been waiting week for joyful news your sisters baby is on the way shes already picked out baby’s name and then you get the most saddest news possible her baby has just been born stillborn. what do you say to her on the phone at the hospital ?

” sorry but you can always have another one later on ???”

no this is the worse reply you can say to someone who has just lost a baby born stillborn.

she had been waiting years to get pregnant and to have a positive pregnancy sent her into a mad buying frenzy you name it her baby owned it .

and now this above all she will need you by her side . she will never get over it. it will feel like her world has come crashing down around her. the nursery was made ready only earlier on that week, her baby wont come home  to be tucked up in the moses basket that’s already laid out with a favourite teddy sitting at the bottom. The new curtains have gone up with little teddy bear prints.  should you take everything down as you think it may be too painful for her to see when she comes home from hospital NO! she may feel it has to stay like that forever as a reminder of her baby.

so how could you help her at this sad time of having a stillborn baby ? you could send her a loving message on a bereavement card 

I want to send a neighbour a card she had a stillborn her baby was 25 weeks what message can I add to her card ?

when a family has sadly lost their baby to be born stillborn they will be in a state of shock and may feel numb. they want support love and lots of hugs but they don’t want sympathy.

so avoid writing the word sympathy in the message to them.

you can use any of these special written messages to portray your loving support to them and offer a shoulder to cry on if they need it.

  • very sad to hear the news that your baby passed away I’m here for you if you need me what ever time of day xx
  • thinking of you all and sending love xxx
  • our thoughts and prayers go out to you at this sad time xx
  • be strong sending you all our love xx
  • thinking of you both at this sad time God bless you
  • our thoughts are with you as your baby is resting at peace xx
  • so sorry for your loss be strong in the lord and in the power of his might.
  • my heart aches for you be strong xx


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