Can a stillborn baby have a gravestone? answer

Can a stillborn baby have a gravestone? answer

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 This week we shall  answer the most frequently worrying questions searched for on our blog site.  Not many people want to talk about such a taboo subject as baby loss. We are here to offer support and empathy at such a difficult time for a family.

Answer… In the past approx 60 years ago here in the UK babies that were born stillborn was often cremated.They were taken from the mother and incinerated.A funeral director also told us that this indeed was the case.Some never even had the chance to say goodbyte get afinal cuddle just whisked away after birth.Even before this Some babies weren’t even allowed to be buried on sacred ground such as a cemetary.

Babies above 24 weeks gestation will be given a certificate from the miwife so the baby death can be legally registered as a stillborn.registering a stillbirth must be completed within 42 days.Parents often want people to know that baby did exist so even babies under this gestation which do not get a death certificate can still have a gravestone to add names, dates etc.If the family already has a grave plot and you decide on a cremation ask your local cemetrary as often the ashes can go into the family grave plot to be close to other family members.Its also a cheaper option too for parents struggling to buy new plot.

Some Uk charities in the Uk help parents with funding to buy a gravestone.we shall list some helpful sites further down this page for you.You do not have to worry about getting a head stone straight away it may even be¬† year later when you decide “yes a head stone is right for us”.

Some parents struggle finding words and appropriate pictures for a stillborn baby gravestone and again you can find some useful info on this further down the page.

stillborn baby headstone verses… you may use these freely¬†as we own the copyright.

  • loved forever,to forget you never,¬†still here in our heart and never to depart.
  • Born a sleep¬† resting peacefully we love little baby.
  • A hearts wish, a mother’s sweet kiss, yet love’s for eternity peaceful and bliss.
  • our darling baby born alseep goodnight sweet son.
  • A precious princess we say goodnight, you lite up our lives like a star in the night.
  • our sweet angel born asleep.

¬†stillborn baby headstones ideas…

 baby stillborn useful links

my friend laura runs a non profit organisation to help raise funds to buy a baby headstone email her here email

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