Stillbirth,Stillbirth rates worst in UK

Today we report on some sad facts about stillborn births,(Stillbirth)

At Cheeky Chums we emphasise the importance of getting antenatal care during pregnancy.Its important to take onboard advice from health professionals such as no smoking in pregnancy.

There are also risk factors which can increase the risk of stillbirth. Smoking and drinking during pregnancy can increase susceptibility, as can being overweight or obese, or having children later in life.Recent recearchers suggest social deprivation can also play a part in stillborn babies being born.

The following extract is taken from BBC news today “Almost three million stillbirths happen worldwide every year, which, even for a country with a developed health system such as the UK, means that 11 sets of parents every day will take home their newborn baby in a coffin.” An estimated 29% are caused by problems with the placenta, which can affect the growth of the foetus. Some 12% are linked with infections, 9% with umbilical cord problems and 6% with congenital abnormalities.

But 30% of stillbirths have no obvious cause.One brave lady talks about how her own baby was born stillborn at 39 weeks into her pregnancy through a natural occurance that happended in the womb. Here is her story as she talks about it on a short video clip.