spreading the good news TiNy LiVes for vulnerable babies

Cheeky Chums are spreading the good news  about TiNy LiVes charity for premature babies.A while ago we set up  pound for prems 

No item in the pound for prems section costs more than £2.00 so you may buy as many or as few items as you wish at a great price for babies in need.
For every item bought £1.00 per item is donated to Tiny lives.
Each month or the total collected as when funds reach a miniumum of £3.00 will be sent to Tiny lives and a breakdown of how much was raised published here.Come back any time and look on our website for all to see your wonderous fundraising efforts.
Plus Cheeky Chums do not profit from any sale as each item for sale will be made at cost or from Cheeky Chums own funds.
It may not be much to start with but every little helps vunerable sick babies. Cheeky Chums customers have helped raise £4.00 so far for premature babies.

our receipt to date.

on behalf of
Tiny Lives
Reg. charity 700510

31 August 2010 at 19:15

Amount: £4.00

premature baby clothes can be found here at http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk

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