social services took my babies help what can i do to get my children back

social services took my babies help what can i do to get my children back

many years ago it was hardly heard of that social services took kids unlawfully.but what happens if social services did take them through lies false allegations and fabrications ? Are they really your babies in the first place or is something else going on behind closed doors that seems too far fetched to be true? mums and dads are now fighting back against a system that isn’t in favour of the general public “they are my babies what can i do to get my children back ?”

is there anything you can do to stop them taking my children ?

A recent poll revealed the following statements as to why social services took children from their loving families ….

  1. Stolen from Essex by Hertfordshire for having no information on both my daughters and used future risk of harm breaking the unlawful jurisdictions act and broke the public law outline.
  2. Future emotional harm. But in the past year alone my children have been subjected to all kinds of abuse in the care system
  3. they took them for nothing None, they won’t answer that question and it appears they don’t have to either!!!
  4. Shut up about the abuse or loose custody
  5. A child whos suicidal with touretts and probable autism
  6. they failed to communicate with myself for some time after and I didn’t even know were my children were been held hostage and when I did track them down my son stated he wanted to go with me but he was held back by a woman who claimed a head social worker said that my son couldn’t practice out his wishes. Now there’s the first of many crimes committed on my children as they “ACTED AGAINST THE CHILDS WISHES”
  7. because I didn’t pay a council bill they took my child no court order for 6 months
  8. They took my mates kids for false allegations of abuse against the father he done a lie detector that was accepted in court yet they still have her kids but have left her with the 2 youngest and the father sees the boy in community with no concerns they play god with kids life’s her children are going through hell she wants them home and is trying everything
  9. Concerns about safeguarding my sons because of my ex’s mental health and substance misuse but even though i had been separated from him 9 months at the second lot of court proceedings and made positive changes they still did not want to reunite me with my sons and give me a chance. they change goal posts all the time and cherry pick what they want to go in their favour
  10. They didn’t like my ‘parenting style’ and I wouldn’t take trivial advice from professionals. Two of my children were essentially adopted because the social workers and the judge did not like my family.
  11. risk of future harm
  12. risk of future harm to my children.
  13. future emotional harm
  14. dad got threatened so they took my 3 children as a risk of future harm what !

is there anything you can do to stop forced adoption ? 

what the government don’t tell you is there is a plan inplace that makes you a slave to the system. first of all. it all goes back to 1666 when the great fire of London spread through pudding lane and nearby streets. parliament brought out a new statute declaring everyone in the uk dead at sea. it ment they could use the normal birth certificate as a way to own the person named in CAPITAL LETTERS KNOWN AS THE LEGAL FICTION.

in the legal courts system they cannot deal with a living MAN or WOMAN only the legaleese name MR MASTER MRS MS  notice on the birth certificate the name is always in capital letters and the court systems then use maritime law commercial law to deal with you as that PERSON never a living breathing man woman boy girl.

that’s why there are secret courts to handle child cases, parents not allowed in.Only legal representatives. a commodity, not a living baby .with adoption for every child that gets placed theres £31,000 at stake so who gets this mmmmmm. think about it. if the government is a cooperation run for profit, anything it does has to make money. even the courts are run as a business cooperation’s  .

so how are the people fighting back when social services take children unlawfully?

by taking ownership back of their lawful birth certificate and taking ownership of the legal fiction name. plus by doing their childrens too” the property PERSON “then belongs back with the parent not the government. When you have been brought up in the system for too long you feel duped In not knowing the true facts.

the people all over the uk are now talking about it and its being shared globally. Under common law jurisdiction the people have set up the court system again to deal head on with individuals that act unlawfully against another person.the common law courts deal with anyone causing an individual for a loss harm or injury case. the website to record your lawful birth certificate and reclaim the legal ficticious name can be found at   more news on this story as it unfolds around the 25th October 2018 it will be breaking news as 114 child cases are dealt with at the court.