A snuggle with mummy a nap, 1 dead Baby

After updating our twitter accounts this evenings with the most upto date baby news I felt it important to highlight a message that has been spread worldwide tonight. The importance of not sleeping with your newborn baby.

Advice from health professionals changes all the time  such as not to feed your baby solids until 4 months then it went to six months, then from putting baby on the tummy to sleeping on the back.

What you do in the past is in the past with research going on  into SIDS or cot deaths you cannot help but take notice when it comes direct from a coroner not to sleep with your baby.Three baby deaths in one week all because parents slept with their infants.So an emphasis from Cheeky Chums too please do not put your baby at risk.Even if you are so exhausted in the night time or your head nods off trying to breast feed put baby back in to his or her own crib/moses basket or basinette.