sneak a peak at Cheeky Chums superstore for premature babies

Nursery Nurse Sarah and mum of 2 takes a sneak peak At Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore for premature babies she meets the full team.

She will now be joining the busy team from September 2010. She will be my new executive assistant.She spent the day with us to see what is was we actually did to make this online superstore for premature babies so rewarding and fruitful.

So I thought it would be good for the whole world to know too so here it is just for you.

The day starts at 10am we like to get  a good rest as it is one of the busiest workplaces around once we start.

Jodie checks emails to see what orders have come through and after logging them which she will attend to Informs me of any items needed handmaking.

I order any items that has sold out from the wholesalers for premature baby clothes and contact all our other hand knitters, crochet kntters and sewers of any new items we need to stock for your babies.

I write up the latest news headlnes of the day that can affect you and your baby /toddler children and post the urgent ones on our twitter post.Any newstock listed too, plus any urgent delivery notices to keep you up to date.

Hand creations usually Nanny Nicu are started upon.

Due to the nature of premature babies and poorly newborns all the staff have been fully inducted in the health and safety practises surrounding the manufacturer of premature and neonatal baby clothes. Masks are worn when sewing to prevent cross contamination of any coughs and colds staff may plus protection for staff against Byssinosis. Antibacterial hand washes are provided and gels for hygienic safe hand washing prior to handling these delicate baby clothes.

 12-4pm Orders processed and logged by Becky and Jodie.

Ernie orders admin  and  customer orders sheets to be printed off .

12-4pm Throughout the day we are on hand to answer emails or Any sensitive phone calls we get from worried parents.You may need baby or parenting advice or ordering something precious baby bereavement sets.As a few of the staff are trained Nursery Nurses from Septemeber 99% will be qualified specialists to help with the smooth running operation at Cheeky Chums.What does this mean for you? We dont just employ anyone at Cheeky Chums, staff have a dedication and a love for babies and children of all ages.It comes through with every phone call, query.The new team will also be  researching more,designing  premature baby products so its not just another item of clothing but a specialist product  for preterm babies needing extra care in the Nicu,SCBU or home wear.

4-6pm posting orders,email notifications to customers with order updates and tracking numbers.

8pm-11pm, workrooms tidied,articles posted on relevant topics to help with childrearing.premature clothing and Product sourcing worldwide,ordering of fabrics for handmade neonatal clothing sets,twitter and wordpress baby news and new product listings entered onto website.

Whew! what a day but well worth it!  visit the online premature baby clothes superstore today at

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