What size do I buy for a premature baby?

What size do I buy for a premature baby?

When you buy baby clothes for a newborn or 3 month old baby the sizes say on the clothes from months or in cm on some designer baby wear.In other Countries it may say 00 or o but in the Uk premature baby clothes are usually marked 3-5lb 5-8lb or Preemie.Now babies are weighed at the hospital in grams and kilograms making it somewhat confusing when buying for a 2kg baby and the baby clothes offered in baby shops say 3lb or preemie.Supermarkets say tiny baby ,early baby and have the weight inside.

For mostĀ Uk manufacturers that supply uk high street baby shops Ā its a waste of time now as metric has taken over so the sizes you will tend to see are the 3-5lb,5-8lb 8-12lb and preemie.The Premature baby clothes superstore covers every size possible for a premature baby giving you choices galore all under one store.For tiny babies underĀ 1kg there are also sizes in cm giving you even more selctions to pick from.

here is a guide so you can shop easier for a premature baby with the right birth weight baby clothes.Ā 

0lb -1lb 0-500 grams,1lb – 2lb 500 grams-1 kg,2lb – 3lb 1kg-1.3kg,3-5lb 1.3kg-2.27kg,

5lb – 8lb 5lb 2.27kg-3.60kg,newborn 8lb – 12lb 3.62-5.44kg

vist the main site here to buy all you need

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