should a dad stop having more babies at 70

Today a dad reached his 75th birthday 2 weeks after his premature baby son was born. Weighing in at 5lb 7 oz baby spent time in special care baby unit until well enough to go home.
Gerry Burks is britains oldest dad at the age of 74.
He eats well and loves his wife aged 41, he believes a good woman does him good and eats lots of bananas, low salt intake and good home cooked food to keep him healthy and in good stead.He already has 3 children from another relationship in the past.
He keeps himself active by helping his wife and looking after his new baby son Daniel.
We would love your views if you think there should be a cut of age for dads to stop having children. With so many marriages breaking up could more mums raise children singly just as well.
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