shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation

A shock premature birth the 7 steps preparation you need to be aware of just in case baby arrives early.

  1. As your go into  premature labour You may only get a quick glimpse of your baby due to health problems premature may babies have immediately after delivery. This could mean you won’t get to take a better look of your newborn until baby is settled and in a stable condition in the NICU.The NICU is also  known as the neonatal intensive care baby unit.
  2. If you took a guided tour of a NICU as some midwifes do when you are in the last fews weeks of pregnancy it is not as distressing for you yet.You will be faced with the stressful situation once you see your baby hooked up to all the wires and tubes. It will take its toll on you mentally.
  3.  You will need lots of support, you will need to  gather inner strength as you will have long bedside stays watching your helpless little one in an incubator.
  4. Things change in the NICU hour by hour and day by day your baby could be fine on a c-pap at first but end up stuggling,having set backs hour by hour.
  5. Its a long dragged out process recovering in the NICU all you will want to do is take your baby home, but baby will get the best care possible and can prove to be a little fighter. Babies do not always have the strength to survive and do die when it looks as if things are improving.Take every huddle another milestone in recovery.
  6. When you get discharged after birth be prepared that your baby may not be able to go home with you.It could be weeks of daily visits to see your baby .Take turns with a partner visiting your baby in the NICU if you have one.It will allow you to get home sleep a little, freshen up, eat something then it all starts again.
  7. Baby may have to come home with medications or oxygen, the nursing staff will show you how to look after your baby at home if these are needed with appropriate training on specific nursing equipment.

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