shall I get pregnant ? Im 19,Pregnant to keep my man

We advice one troubled teen on the thoughts of getting pregnant in order to keep her boyfriend. “My name is melissa I am 19 my parents are always fighting and my boyfriend has started to text my best friend when he is at work, I’m thinking of getting pregnant I know I would be going behind is back if i didn’t tell him up front my plans but shall i get pregnant so we can move in a house together.He may stop texting my best friend then wouldn’t he.
This is the advice we gave…
First thing is first parents do argue but they often forget its the kids that also suffer if its done when you around you sence an atmosphere that is heart breaking but if talking to your parents doesn’t help try getting out and about more so you are not involoved with their arguments, it may also cause you to think that you are the blame which is often not the case.
If your boyfriend is texting your best friend although they may be friends doesn’t look good in the long term. After all it is you he is going out with. trapping him into a relationship is not good for any of you.Getting Pregnant is not the right way to go about it. Talk to your friend and boyfirned about how you are feeling of a close getting pregnant may have the result you want him moving on a house together but he could also cheat on you any case! there would be nothing worse a year down the line you both end up splitting up and you left on your own to rear a child by yourself.Not good. Also being a parent with a baby is a huge commitment it may seem a really good idea buying cute clothes, pushing a pram and everyone smiling at you but it takes someone responsible enough to be able to manage a budget, clean a house, provide meals,give a child stabilty,plus love to a child which in fact is for at least another 18 years could you handle that sort of responsibilty. For mums with premature babies find all you need at the cheeky chums store to dress your baby from top to toe at

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