SALE and cheap premature baby clothes whoo! cool!

nannynicunostalga002SALE and cheap premature baby clothes whoo! cool!

hi all just a quick note which we forgot to mention yesterday huge savings to be made on premature baby clothes now on until 11th January 2013. don’t miss out one week winter sale . plus cheap premature baby clothes available too visit the superstore with choices galore now at

What do Cheeky Chums stock in premature baby clothes ?

warm socks, frilly socks, fluffy socks, tiny tights pastel coloured,lacey  tights,cotton tights,cardigans galore,brightly coloured practical and comfortable premature baby clothes.premature sleepsuits,scratch mittens,premature nappies,trendy outfits,coats,snowsuits,outdoor wear shoes,booties,you name it, its probably there.


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