For the sake of a premature baby ditch the planned induction

premature baby Joshua delivered at 37 weeks

Too posh to push? do not want to go full term? planning an induction because you do not want to have a tear by a vaginal birth. Think of the premature baby and ditch it unless of an emergency or complication with your own body.

here are 5 important facts about premature babies that should make you change your mind.

  • A 40 weeks gestation in pregnancy  is for a reason. A baby born under 37 weeks is classed as premature and most likely will require specialist care in either a NICU HDU or SCBU.
  • It means their tiny body isn’t ready for the outside world and will take a great deal of skill in order to keep it in a stable condition due to organ immaturity of vital organs.
  • You don’t just give birth by c section then take a premature baby home in the afternoon for convenience.You don’t always see a premature baby after delivery as it may need to be whisked away to have vital tests and medicines.
  • You may not get to hold a premature baby for days or weeks as they  need a replacement womb to keep them constantly warm known as an incubator. You may only get to sit by baby’s cot side and stroke a tiny finger.
  • You cannot play mum and take it for walks to the park as you would with a newly born full term baby.
  • so please be wise and think is an elective C section really necessary.

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