Remember,Remember end of September for tiny babies 0-8lb

Remember Remember end of September for tiny babies weighing 0-8lb.

Sale Massive all week for tiny baby clothes starts on the 27th september at Cheeky Chums superstore for early babies clothes .What ever the size you can find it easily whatever item of tiny babies clothes you need its stocked here.

last ordering day ends today at 9.00 pm then closed for a short restocking break.Until the sale starts 27th September 2011.

so hurry and buy all you need to dress your baby from top to toe before the online order buttons are taken down .

The sale is to make way for fresh lines due in.In October we have some wonderful collections due to be added during this time that the shop is closed for the annual stockcheck . click on a link at the top of the page to see what gorgeous lines we carry here.

All the best sorry for inconvience caused for all our regular customers.

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