Ready to feed baby solids

Feeding a baby solids is not just about giving your baby nutrients, it is a brilliant way to interact and connect with your child.

It helps the child build loving relationships and bonding with parents aswell as other family┬ámembers that baby┬ámaybe┬áunsure about or not quiet use to,┬áits good for┬ádaddy if being in work most the time┬áand when family/friends come round that the baby doesn’t see much. (like a bit of an ice braker)

Formula fed babies can eat solids anytime, but it is best to feed solids to a breastfed babies at the end of the day as mothers milk is at its lowest concentration at this time of the day.

Most babies don’t┬áneed to start┬áhaving solid foods┬ábefore 6 months as the nutrients that a baby needs before that age are in the milk that the baby intakes already (either formula or breast). However a pediatrition or health visitor may advise you to start sooner, they will ask this if your child starts showing signs that they are ready for solid foods, signs to look out for are, attempting to grab any food you may be consuming or┬ámaking the mouth movements whilst watching somebody eating.

If a child doesnt seem interested to start solid foods by the time the baby is 6 – 7 months old you should not force feed the child as this could lead to difficult consequences for yourself and the child later. The important goal is to encourage the development of a healthy attitude towards food.

When a child starts on solid foods the best way to be safe in this process is to start with foods that are least allergenic and the closest to milk the baby has (breast milk or formula). good starter foods are baby rice, mashed banana, porridge with babies milk. good way to start on solids is to wash your hands thourougly dip your finger in to the food you have chosen such as mashed banana, put it to your babies lips then let her suck you finger. once a┬ábaby has been introduced to the new taste gradually increase the amount given to the child, the child will show her enjoyment to this new found taste by facial expression if the baby is willing and smiling when food is being given this is obvious that the child likes it great, but if the child is not keen or doesn’t like it the child will refuse this and show this by turning there head away or attempting to hold there mouth shut.

When a child at this age shows that they may not like it dont just rule out the food choice try again in a few weeks you may be suprised.