Problems for a premature baby(preemie)

Hi everyone I thought I would share with you some problems your premature(preemie) baby could face whilst being cared for by the NICU / SCBU staff.If your baby is unfortunate to be born extremely early or poorly,you will be faced with watching or being nearby whilst the specialist work on your tiny baby to improve possible problems associated with prematurity.
Your baby will be put throught a lot whilst in the Nicu as the staff try to not only maintain your baby’s condition but also detect and may perform corrective surgery on certain organs. so here are some possible tests, opperations, and procedures to gain information about should the need arrise that your baby also needs to go through them. By giving you a better understanding beforehand if your baby does need assistance you will have some prior knowledge to help you understand what your premature baby needs in order to get better.
Undergoing Tests.
Blood tests why ?
When babies are unwell samples of blood will be taken to check for infection, anaemia, blood sugar, salt and jaundice levels.A blood sample obtained from a heel puncture is a useful and simple way of collecting a blood sample from a neonate.

It can be used to monitor:

Blood sugar levels
Drug levels
Blood gases
Full blood counts
Urea and electrolytes
Newborn Bloodspot Screening Tests
Premature baby having a brain scan or xray
using a mobile x-ray machine. Most often we x-ray the chest to detect problems with the lungs and heart, or the abdomen to look at the intestines.scanning through the fontanelle (soft spot), to check on the heart and sometimes other organs such as the liver, kidneys and bladder.
Hearing and Eye Tests
All babies should have a simple eye check by the doctors on the neonatal unit to look for cataracts. The most premature babies will also be seen by a specialist from the eye department usually when they are about 6 weeks old.

This test is a little more complicated – requiring ‘drops’ to widen the pupils and sometimes an instrument to open the eyelids. It is a very important test because in premature babies the blood vessels at the back of the eye sometimes develop abnormally, and this can interfere with vision (retinopathy). If the specialist finds any retinopathy
corrective laser surgery may be needed.
hearing tests This procedure requires placing small electrodes behind each ear whilst baby is sleeping. Occasionally a hearing test may be arranged following discharge home.

heal prick 7 day old baby test
On baby’s 7th day of life, a blood sample is taken and sent to test for four rare illnesses: Phenylketonuria, Hypothyroidism. In the near future it is planned to test for Cystic Fibrosis and Galactosaemia. This test is performed on all newborn babies, whether sick or well. If these illnesses are detected early, they can be treated. Sometimes this test may need to be repeated if baby is not on the full amount of their feed.
Due to the importance and possible operations your baby may need you may want to read in detail about these conditions.
click on the link below to find out more about more procedures and corrective surgery

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