preparation of induction stillborn baby loss

preparation of induction stillborn baby loss

please note this blog post has sensitive information on baby loss if it is likely to cause any upset please press your back button now.

A lot of mums are scared and worried at the thought of an induction to deliver a baby that has sadly passed away in the womb.known as a still born delivery or stillbirth its the unexpected that causes trauma in the leading up to scary procedure of a planned induction. on a couple of groups some questions raised are what to take with you to hospital in these circumstances compared to the delivery of a live induction birth. Here are suggestions made by other mums who found them to be handy or wish  they took them with them to hospital as they too prepared for an induction.

  • Camera as sometimes if you rely only on the hospitals the quality isnt as good as your own photos to treasure.
  • spare pairs of big knickers.
  • big fluffy socks so you’re not cold going to the loo.
  •  lots of chocolate, sweets, comfort nibbles. 
  •  portable DVD player and DVD’s or ipod
  • money  for snack machines.
  •  lots of night time sanitary pads.
  • a big bottle of water  hospitals very dehydrating.
  • phone charger
  • the one thing I didn’t realise I’d needed was breast pads.

For the baby?

  • clothes small enough.
  • nappy
  • small blanket
  • tiny teddy
  • socks

If in doubt as to where you can locate tiny items there are 2 websites in the uk that has all you need sizes start at 12cm incuding tiny towels. As one midwife found it distressing passing a tiny baby to mum in an overwhelming sized hospital towel.These sites are compassionate enough to even supply the tiny towels too, see them here




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