Premature labour Preterm Births I need to Know now?


Questions about Premature labour Preterm Births I need to Know now?

What is a premature birth or preterm birth? if baby is born under 37 weeks into the pregnancy it is classed as a premature birth. premature labour can be slowed down and stopped for a few days or longer but the premature birth happens if the contractions cannot be stopped.Every day that baby stays in the womb under 37 weeks gives baby a better chance than developing complications when born premature.

I want to go on holiday in August and my baby is due then Can I have a planned c section 8 weeks early so I can loose my body fat in time for our holiday?

You shouldn’t plan an elective C section in any case except for emergencies. Premature births means there can be complications with baby. babies born under 37 weeks gestation are classed as premature,they are often very poorly, not just small and are not able to survive outside the womb easily at all at 8 weeks premature.

Premature Labour, I think its started my contractions are 10 mins apart and my waters have gone all over the floor im 27 weeks pregnant  will baby go into an incubator if they cannot stop the contractions ?

Yes baby will need an incubator as the lungs will not have had time to mature enought at this stage of the pregnancy the care baby will most likely need is NICU neonatal intensive care for quite a few weeks stay if born at 27 weeks gestation.


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