premature birth,preterm delivery a new life

The safe delivery of a newborn baby is a cause for celebration.if the pregnancy ended up being a preterm delivery a new life even for  tiny babies is wonderful,there are many hurdles to a full recovery but seeing a little fighter in the NICU makes you stronger as a person as you really appreciate the smaller things in life we usually take for granted.

For grandparents you can help the parents of the newborn by taking some of the pressure off them as they will be back and forth to the hospital much more than on the maternity unit where fullterm newborn babies stay.

Here are 5 tips how you can give some valuable support.

  1. Feed any pets for them.
  2. Take and older school children off their hands ie sleep overs and school drop offs.
  3. Clean the house for them ie do any washing for dad.
  4. make a meal they can just reheat after a long visit to the hospital canteen food is ok but it will be good for someone to be there for them with a home cooked meal.
  5. Offer a shoulder to cry on even if you are not normally the luvy duvy or huggable type of person. The family will really appreciate the Love of a family during this stressful time as news at the hospital can change from hour to hour.
  6. One last tip…it would be great if on the day baby comes home to make sure there is a ful larder full of food and shopping to meet the families needs.The parents can finally relax then as they get used to having a tiny baby home at last.

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