Premature Birth Premature babies 5 things that catch you unaware

premature baby in nicu

premature birth  Premature babies what 5 things that catch you unaware

when a premature birth is imminent and its going to happen quickly and in mid term pregnancy, there are a few things that you may not be ready for. here’s 5 things that can catch you unawares.

my premature baby has no name

  1. no name for baby or the name you picked out doesn’t quite suit your tiny premature baby at birth. You may want to save that name for future babies.You may find an ambulance driver deliveries baby so quick, was so helpful you may want to change the name picked out for your baby and name him or her after them!
  2. No bags packed help! you may have a routine check up at the hospital and they say you have to delivery baby today and there was no tome to have anything ready. A nurse or partner could make  quick phone call to a family member who could rush around to get all you need and whisk it up to the hospital at the last minute.
  3. Your waters go quickly at home and contractions start you are in mid trimester pregnancy ring the midwife as soon as possible who will advise you to come in even if its a false alarm.sometimes labour can be held off with certain drugs if the waters didn’t appear to have gone after all.After the waters have been established to have  gone baby will be delivered soon after, due to a risk of infection to baby in the womb.
  4. Not prepared for baby to have along term stay in the Nicu.Such a shock that no one can prepare you for but the staff are very understanding and will help you understand just whats going to happen to baby in their care.
  5. 5. No newborn clothes at all bought.Well interestingly newborn baby clothes will be way to big,these are made for babies up to 10lb in weight. these newborn clothes are not suitable if your baby is born weighing 2lb 9 oz are they?  you can buy this size when baby has gained some more weight in a few weeks time.Worse  still there’s no no tiny baby clothes because baby is so very small. All the relatives will be hunting around to no avail, looking for the very smallest that supermarkets just do not have.The solution ? Cheeky Chums online have the very smallest premature baby clothes with lots of wonderful choices. You can buy every thing online at the click of a button visit the site now at



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