premature baby stillbirth baby loss goes inside memory box

premature baby stillbirth baby loss what goes inside the memory box

depending what age in weeks baby passed away at will often determine what you can put into a premature baby loss memory box. if baby passed away at 24 weeks or less you may only have a few items collected to put together.

if baby was in intensive care for a few weeks after being born premature, then very sadly passed away later you’ll find you could have more items. this could include photographs a blanket etc or a tiny nappy that baby wore

so In general lets give you our top list 13 items you may want to add into baby’s memory box to treasure forever.

  1. all babys scan pictures
  2. any notes during pregnancy
  3. a birth certificate or death certificate if born after 24 weeks.
  4. baby’s hand and foot prints.
  5. Photographs baby
  6. photographs of baby during delivery
  7. family photos
  8. cord peg
  9. piece memorial jewelry
  10. micro teddy bear , plus an extra one for baby’s funeral casket
  11. lock baby’s hair if long enough.
  12. baby’s order of funeral service leaflet
  13. baby’s cd with the choosen funeral songs on


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