premature baby sizes earlybaby clothes sizings

premature baby sizes earlybaby clothes sizings

When buying newborn baby clothes sizes are not a problem.The clothes state inside NB or newborn and may also say weight up to 10lbs for UK manufactured  clothes.

Premature baby sizes are different, uk stocks are hard to come by revealing a lot of items saying Prem inside the garment label or Preemie? But how does this effect you that need to buy premature baby clothes for a baby that was born 26 weeks gestation. The solution is Cheeky Chums online, Providing Choices galore in every tiny size imaginable. you can find an appropriate outfit in more realistic sizings compared to seeing prem on the label .Here is how cheeky chums online differs for premature baby clothes

  • You can choose sizes in cm for lots of premature hats,available pick any tiny size from 12cm upwards.
  • baby grows tell you the length from shoulder to ankle in the descriptions.
  • You can buy premature baby clothes in KG from the choices so if hospital say baby is 2kg in weight then type 2kg in the search box on the website and all the items for 2kg come up.
  • earlybaby clothes are also on offer in pounds for those of you still working in pounds and ounces 0-1/2lb,1/2-1lb,1-2lb,2-3lb,3-5lb,5-8lb.
  • Nanny Nicu have also been manufactured to take into consideration,realistic body sizes of premature babies,soft garments,easy fastenings for incubator use and come in an array of brightly coloured fabrics.


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