premature baby reaching each milestone

premature baby reaching each milestone is one step closer to coming home from the special care baby unit.

Depending on how poorly your baby is at birth will determine whta care needs he or she has in the NICU the early the baby arrival the more critical of care they will need. Its important to face each hurdle hour by hour. babies can be poorly one day picking up the next then have a set back.

its important to have support from a partner or grandparent so you can take turns sitting near baby’s cot. Once you are discharged it may mean daily trips to the hospital or staying in a hotel close by. Get rest when you can,eat something so your baby knows you are strong. Your baby will pick up on your feelings of stress so try to be brave near baby.tell the  nurses you want to be involved in your baby’s basic care needs as soon as possible, if they don’t know you want to they wont pry, they may think you are not ready yet.Be pushy ask questions over and over again even if you forget so you know what you baby is going to have done from one day to the next.

If baby is in the Most dependant of care units the NICU then 24 nursing is needed ,so medications, tests will vary hour by hour.Try to keep a log book of baby’s milestones so you can look back years later. what strength baby will show to the world as each hurdle they overcome is one step closer to coming home .