premature baby overheating in the sun

hi all just a quick note please don’t panic about your tiny baby being too cold in the hot sun. If you are going out do not over dress your baby just because they are tiny. Dress in baby light clothes such as cotton,cotton rib or  poly cotton,Forget snowsuit type coats, use short jackets. Use sun hats mop hats,apply sensitive high factor baby sun creams.use light weight tights such  as cotton pontelle,not woolly warm ones. add a cardigan set over a baby gro even if baby doesnt need a coat on an unsettled baby crying a lot may be over heated.use asun shade over the pram or cotton thin sheet to shade baby in the car seat.use shades in the car on windows next to baby so the sun is not on babys face. keep car windows opened and well ventilated and do not leave your baby in the car even for 5 mins whilst you take the shopping in.Take baby inside first then bring everything else in from the car.Cheeky Chums stock every item of summer clothes