Premature baby Loss,Now I can’t Cope being pregnant

Premature baby loss  you can cope if you fall pregnant again ?

 This is how we adviced parents in a similar position.

Q.1 Dear Cheeky Chums My best friend lost her baby 9 months ago she was 21 weeks gestation.Now she is pregnant again and doesn’t Know if she can cope ,she is terrified of going for her first antenatal visit and keeps putting it off ?

No matter how long it is after losing a baby a mum who has had one loss will feel scared with another pregnancy in case the same thing happens again.Tell her its important to keep a check on things right from the start the midwives will talk her through an anxieties she may be feeling plus regular scans can help to monitor the pregnancy and detect and problems early on.If she goes on the internet tell her to look on facebook and join baby loss groups with mums in the same position, who have lost babies and carried babies full term,healthy after loss. She will find new friends,get lots of good support and can express her feelings to others too.

Q.2.I lost my twins  2 year ago they were 24 weeks into my pregnancy when I lost them,now i’m pregnant again can I go to a private clinic this time to make sure my baby survives.

Going private doesn’t mean your baby will be in any way healthier when its born or that your baby will go to term without any hiccups. Each pregnancy is different as any mum will tell you from carrying  a baby all round to carrying baby at the front of your tummy,gaining lots of weight or going over your due date. Your twins may not have been strong enough as 24 weeks gestation is the age when babies are only just viable living outside the womb.Speak to your doctor and midwife to see if there is any extra care they can give you during this worrying time.

Q.3 I lost my angel after 26 weeks into my pregnancy last year. Im so confused I have all these mixed emotions now that I’m pregnant again I’m 12 weeks next week and I keep crying all the time and having bad dreams that I’m going to lose this one too.

Don’t let your loss effect you carrying this baby.You have to treasure every day and enjoy this and any other pregnancies you have in the will never forget the baby you carried and lost but stress in pregnancy isn’t good for anyone. If you have a partner talk over your feelings with him and as a a couple be strong together you never know how strong you can be in times of grief. You never know what you can deal with until its on your doorstep.The doctors will keep a safe eye on your pregnancy and keep you informed every step of the way .Don’t be afraid to ask questions the midwife and team are there to help.

Good news! Coronation street star Kym Marsh lost her baby before full term.Yesterday she anounched she is pregnant again after her 12 week scan.She is taking one day at a time and enjoying her pregnancy.All the best Kym from Cheeky Chums XX

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