a new baby a few weeks old and pregnant again already!


my baby is only a few weeks old  and I’m pregnant again already!

So the news is just out you have recently given birth to a new baby and by your reckoning your second baby is on its way within the coming year?

you may think Oh dear how am I going to cope but funny enough its not as bad as it sounds. Here are 5 funny good points to being pregnant again after just having a baby.

  1. You will have them close together and they will be best buddies playing with each other as the grow up with each other.
  2. You can dress them in the same outfits.
  3. You will be very popular as you push a double buggy down the street loads of people will ask you if they are twins or will think they are.
  4. cheaper for clothes with the hand me downs from the first baby passed onto the second.
  5. Depending on their birthday they may end up in the same class at school.


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