premature baby in Nicu a baby’s request

premature baby in Nicu a baby’s request

How weird would it be if a baby could talk from birth.

Lets take a look at what he or she may be saying if they could talk to you or one of the nursing staff on duty.

Hey mum ,mum where are you this man yanked me from your tummy now im in a rectangle house.What’s that smell? oh its that funny medicine they put in my  veins to stop me hurting.

Oh daddy its you I can hear you but Ive got these blindfolds on the nurse said Ive got jaundice and need them shaded so you’ll have to wait to see my really blue eyes.

hey baby Nick has the nursing staff gone out of the room yet so I can talk to you my mummy came by today the nurses were busy fixing my tubes I hate them up my nose I keep wriggling and my fingers pull them out.It sounds a buzzer off and they come running to put them back again.Its got good stuff in though yummy breast milk they say, boy my tummy is full think ill take a little nap now see ya later.

Mummy yeah 2nd  cuddle I was scared of cuddles at first it reminded me too much of the medicines and checks that needed to be done to stop any pain or infection but its better today I got another cuddle from you and slept a full hour on your bare skin.I could hear your heart beating it was bliss.


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