premature baby development Social and Emotional Skills

These next few days we shall carry on looking at development in the premature baby. As we have already covered physical skills,today we give you an insight into the Social and Emotional skills. A baby needs you the parents from day one to help him or her to reach those first early child developmental milestones.

Social and Emotional skills.

A newborn baby relies on its parents to meet its every need. It Crys yet doesn’t understand why.Baby¬†feels hungry or distressed in some way¬†and crying is the only way of letting you know its needs. A parent has to get to know and interperate those needs even if it may seem you try everything such as nappy changes, feeding, cuddles then sleep to eventually determine Ah yes that has finally made baby settle.Gradually it becomes more easier for you to determine what Baby needs as each cry seems a little different.A baby recognises your voice and can¬† be soothed easly as you communicate with baby in the¬†soft tones of your voice.Singing lullabyes or nursery rhymes whilst rocking bbay to sleep.Creating that loving environement for baby.Its important to talk to baby cuddle and give the love¬† a baby needs compared to stress arguments that baby can hear between some adults. A baby can sence feelings and pick up on an anxious parent.

Leaving baby in a pram or cot all day whilst a parent plays on Pc games or face book isnt good.Baby needs the social interaction of other adults even siblings at this early newborn -6 months stage. You will especially notice this at 6 weeks Plus with a first smile from baby  the coos and ahhs those first sounds are a good indication that baby is coming along developmental wise in these areas.

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