premature baby development Intellectual,language, Sensory skills

Today is the final instalment on premature baby development 0-6m.

We look at providing your baby with enough stimuli to encourage Intellectual development.Introducing play activities to promote  baby to babble, talk, communicate. promote learning through the  5 sences which are Sight,Sound,Taste,Touch Smell.

If a premature baby was born very early on say 23-28 weeks brain injuries causing any long term effects are not always picked up on at birth.Its only when baby doesnt start to reach the developmental milestones that a mum starts to notice these things and so refers them onto the health visitor any concerns. Baby may develop poor muscle tone,may feed poorly as in cases such as  cerebral palsy.Monitoring baby over a longer length of time may prove that eventually everything gets back to normal. With care, and health check ups baby can get any specialist help when the health practitioners decide the time is right to make more necessary assessments or long term  effects of being premature ie Sight Problems .

What can you do to encourage your baby to talk and promote hearing . To say those first sounds such as ooh aww coos smiles etc. You need to chat to baby in soothe tones of voice, look at baby making eye to eye contact, tickle baby when baby is alert more times of the day and have fun without causing baby to get upset. (ie Sometimes daddy’s get carried away and want to throw baby up in the air).making brumm noices on babys tummy so baby can feel the vibrations and hear the sounds you are making. Pulling raspberry sounds with your mouth baby will eventually start to chuckle with delight.Singing,lullaby rocking baby gently ,reading stories ,hearing the sound of a comforting voice.


provide soft texture rattles,that crinkle,feel soft to the touch,rolling toys with musical sounds Encourageing bay to focus with the eyes to see and reach and become interested in things that move.Plus when baby gets around 6m and becomes more interested in toys provide toys that baby can explore without being a chocking hazzard.When you feel baby is ready to start solid foods its a good way to introduce different flavours for baby to taste, to smell home good food cooking . Do not use ready meals as they contain salt which can kill babies.

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