Premature baby death being prepared

Tiny little babies are often too small/ weak or extremely poorly and just don’t make it.You can be prepared in case baby sadly does pass away and not worried about what baby wears for a final sleep.If baby is very premature you will struggle to find anything suitable both on the high street and in the uk online for a baby’s burial or cremation. Even hunting for dolls sizes is a problem.many hospitals only provide a blanket to wrap baby in.At Cheeky Chums you can find comfortable baby gowns and outfits for the most micro of premature babies.Cheeky Chums are responsive to the families needs at this distressing time and are available at the end of the phone if you need someone to speak to confidentially.order online or offline for the size you need including babies measuring only 6 inches in length.Delivered quickly so  baby can be dressed as soon as 01942 254259.

It is often not a topic any one wants to talk about but babies even so small need clothes to wear and at Cheeky Chums it is no problem finding them.Don’t despair visit now just incase you need to be prepared. our new baby bereavement site is now launched too offering support for families suffering the loss of an early baby or stillborn can also visit

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