Premature Baby Clothes ,Tiny Baby clothes,

finding it hard to locate premature baby clothes or tiny baby clothes and so many baby shops closing down in the UK alone we thought we would tell you why our shop is so special for premature babies.
1. Cheeky Chums stock So much choice.Makes it easier for parents and grandparents to find something to fit a tiny baby.
2.Cheeky Chums offer lots of variety. make it better for mums to locate hard to find sizes for premature babies weighing 1-3lb,or 1-2lb.
3.Cheeky Chums Premature baby prices cater for all budgets including basics,average,good,excellent and luxury for premature clothes and tiny baby clothes.
4.Cheeky Chums are not only an online retailor but are qualified baby specialist.Staff know babies practically inside out so you know we will always have their best interest at heart foremost.Cheeky Chums offer free information too for baby and children5.Cheeky Chums stock everything in abundance for premature babies and replace daily essentials as soon as stocks run low.You can find an equivilents in the size you need should stocks at the wholesalers run out.
6.Cheeky Chums have designed premature baby and tiny baby clothes for the Nicu (neonatal intensive care units)with the direct input form Nicu staff.This clothing sytem is unique called Nanny Nicu.Better size to fit range from babies weighing 1-12lb.It is a welcomed addition mums come back for time and time again for the next sizes.
7.Cheeky Chums are sensitive to the needs of an early baby loss. You can find staff able to cope sensitively to you should you need to order a baby burial final resting outfit, to help say final goodbyes to baby in. cheeky Chums own brand Something Precious cater for baby burial clothes for such tiny infant losses.Suitable for babies measuring 6 inches plus Plus Cheeky chums have developed an early baby bereavement site to help parents and relatives find resources offering support for all the family at such a distressing time.

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