premature baby clothes superstore gets bigger

Some of you may have noticed a few changes taking place at Cheeky Chums. As more products are added the departments will be getting bigger too.
Makes shopping more easier to find what you need especially with the overflowing stock rooms full of delicious,and very comfy premature baby clothes.
You will now find a smarter, cleaner system in place.It means a quicker process to purchase all you need at one online store.Boys items girls items and unisex, then you pick the size you need simplicity just got even better at Cheeky chums premature baby clothes superstore.
Nanny Nicu wont change except for even more new lines expected in the coming weeks ahead.For any one who doesn’t know about the Nanny Nicu range of clothes they have been specially created from scratch for babies in the neonatal intensive care units.Prior reseach and consultations with nicu staff and baby specialists ensured they were designed and hand made Made with realistic body sizes in mind. They dont fall off the shoulders or look too baggy,come in array of stunning vibrant colourways as well as traditional pinks and blues.
they fit, fasten quick as a flash,allow for direct care needs such as wires monitor leads and cannular tubes to be threaded through the clothes.It means Minimum distruptions to baby especially as baby needs to get plenty of rest whist poorly in the nicu.
Babies do not like to be prodded and moved around too much they unsettle very easily.
Some of the sets have unique laundry bags to keep baby’s own clothes neatly contained.They have babys name printed on so nurses know whos wearing their own special clothes. Mummy takes them home, washes, prepares them crisp clean, ready for another day.
Stay tuned for more website updates as they occur why not visit the site direct at bookmark just in case you need tiny baby clothes or why not take a peak at our latest video clip ie Nanny Nicu range

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