premature baby clothes are getting even smaller

premature baby clothes are getting even smaller at the superstore dedicated in serving the tinest end of the market.

Cheeky Chums will be bringing out more new sizes over the next couple of months.What does this mean for you?

  • mums with premature babies can dress even the tinest prem baby in something cute,colourful and practical in incubators.
  • Nicu nurses can put their orders in for more practical outfits in ¬†sizes most used.
  • The tiny Baby bereavement section too will have new micro sizes for rare pregnancy losses from 18-23 weeks gestation.
  • sizes are
    0-1/2lb (0-225 grams)  , 1/2lb-1lb(225 grams-500 grams)

The latest product to hit the shelves will be high tolerance wash NICU baby vests.Sizes  from 1/2 pound -1 pound in weight babies.Cheeky Chums looked at some of the designs currently made by other manufactuers to introduce a softer cotton vest with less seams for babies with the most delicate of skin.This product will be out soon.

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