Premature Baby Clothes & Assessories,dedicated babyshop online

Premature baby clothes and assessories can be hard to come by especially in the micro preemie baby sizes.The premature baby shop online that  became a superstore is dedicated just for premature babies.Qualified Baby experts run the online store.The superstore selling premature and neonatal baby clothes enusures maximum choice is provided to ensure no parent goes away empty handed.

Parents can shop for  baby clothes plus gain an insight and retrieve solid information on premature baby needs and the specific care they need.

NICU or SCBU care is totaly different from that of a newborn baby which does not need to spend time in the neonatal intensive care units.

as from the 10th september for approx 10 days the online premature baby clothes superstore will be closed for valuable staff induction training and development. As the store grows so does the need to get the right right staff to come on board.The  proffesional site with all the staff now onboard being qualified to N.N.E.B standard or equivalent.

shopping will be available online up until the 10th sept midnight.

new lines available in plentiful supply after the short break.


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