help for premature baby charities

hi there today is just a quick note on the current premature baby charities Cheeky Chums are involved with. This week we are awaiting news on how we can now help with the  charity of First Touch.It  helps premature babies at St georges hospital in london uk.the neonatal intensive care unit gets support for babies families and the staff looking after them too.we shall keep you posted when we get more news to share with you all.

here is there website recycling plan which will use funds to research into premature births.
June 2011 we shall be carrying on with this valuable reclycling work alongside other premature baby charities in this current year.
We started this in february sending a free postage envelope with every premature baby clothes order.Simply send your old ink cartrdges and old mobile phones direct to the charity using the envelope provided for you.You will feel great helping raise valuable research funds  in preventing more premature births and giving the environment a boost by recycling your unwanted wastages too.

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