premature baby and low birth weights

No matter how you look after yourself during pregnancy your baby can arrive earlier than expected. In the case that you are preparing your hospital bag put in a couple or at least one set in premature baby sizes. At least towards your 3rd trimester choose an outfit in size 5-8lbs.The average weight of a baby is 7.5lbs so these will fit in the case you have a smaller baby of approx 6lb plus.

Many newborn sizes are catered for babies weighing up to 10lbs so it is always handy to have this size in your bag just in case. You will need a vest, baby grows, cardigan, hat, in this size and socks then at least you have them to hand just in case baby is small. Your husband or partner can always shop online a few hours after the birth to buy more if needed. What if baby does come even earlier than expected?

Did you know that doctors don’t usually revive babies under 23 week’s gestation. It’s a tough decision to accept, some babies are just too poorly to live outside the womb at such an early arrival. That’s why the baby in your body needs a good 9 months before it is ready to venture out into the big wide world like mummy and daddy. It is only by the dedicated doctors, new medicines, Warm incubators, that allow such tiny infants to make it from as early as 24 weeks.

Some premature babies and newborns need operations, breathing intervention, medicines and monitoring to be able to pull through. Some tiny babies are such fighters. It is remarkable how doctors say there is only a 10 % survival rate then they just seem to pull through quicker and easier than others, But not all babies are the same so look after your self by visiting your doctor, midwife and and other consultants whilst you are pregnant.

 If baby does arrive early you can expect the very best support and care and be a little less worried because you both will be in the right place to receive the best possible care. Cheeky chums stock all sizes in premature baby clothes in gorgeous colours styles to choose from so baby can look ever so trendy from day one. When you show off baby to all the other mums on the ward. You will be pleased as punch knowing you thought of this early enough to plan for an unexpected early arrival. Well done mum! Visit now to choose and pack them early at