premature babies weighing between 1kg-3.5kg low birth weight

just a quick note to let you know some good news for premature babies weighing between 1kg-3.5kg. the superstore for premature baby wear has increased its sizing choices even further to include a new range in baby clothing  in KG featuring 1kg=2.2lbs,1.5kg= 2-3lb 2.0kg=3-4lb 2.5kg=4-5lb,3.0kg=5-6lb 3.5kg=6-8lb gorgeous soft fabrics,practical for incubator use in all three intensive care units and also precious hometime.visit the website and pick  a birth weight to view the new range just below prem baby clothes 1lb-2lb 
 prem baby clothes 1lb-3lb 
 prem baby clothes 2lb-3lb
 prem baby clothes 3lb-5lb 
 prem baby clothes 5lb-8lb 
 newborn clothes 8lb-12lb 

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