Premature babies risk pregnant mum not eating or drinking

Dear Cheeky Chums I just thought you’d like to warn all the pregnant mums out there who have a high risk pregnancy not to take any chances that could damage their own health or that of their own baby.

as one dad to be told us this week.. his wife who was a high risk pregnancy¬† was feeling off side and wouldn’t eat or drink. When she did she couldn’t keep anything down at all. She was sick as well as it turns out and so not to make a fuss said Oh i’ll be Ok you go out.

little did they know how sick mum was being dehydrated to an extent it almost killed her.Things didn’t improve so worried family members called an ambulance as within a hour or so it became much worse.mum¬† needed intensive care and needed a drip instantly and baby is at risk of being born premature.

The message is if you are a high risk having problems see your doctor or midwife don’t let things get so bad in fear of not making a fuss.

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