premature babies needn’t go without

Premature babies needn’t go without a jam packed wardorbe full of nice clothes, cute design that actually fit premature babies.You need premature babies clothing without the size over powering a tiny slimmer body.

5 facts you may not know about Cheeky Chums for premature babies.

  1. Did you know there is an online superstore that’s dedicated just for premature babies. Cheeky Chums has one of the widest ranges on the net for premature babies clothes choices.
  2. Are you aware that Cheeky Chums baby shop hosts the largest range of premature baby socks  in the tinest sizes from 0-2lb +
  3. How amazing is this Cheeky Chums Nanny Nicu range  introduced 3 years ago  is one of the best brands of neonatal baby clothes At the superstore.Created  in the most brightest colours of the rainbow They have been made in relation to more realistic body sizes to that of premature babies.Plus they have been researced and developed with baby specialist and NICU nurses direct input.
  4. new collections in the Nanny Nicu range out now November 2010 including little critters in rich deep colours,baby ballerinas for the girls.sizes are 1-3lb,3-5lb,5-8lb.
  5. Plus Nanny Nicu  Bedroom Collection (pyjamas sets).look out for jungle friends,racing cars,meow,woof and twitaroo sizs  for premature babies 1-3lb  and 3-5lb in weight.


to see what is in stock visit today and bookmark the site just in case baby comes early. You never know when you may need this store.Easy accessible at the click of a mouse

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