Premature Babies in NICU ICU SCBU Am I expecting too much

Premature Babies in NICU, ICU, or  SCBU Am I expecting too much?

In this weeks news  headline it stated parents  don’t always realize how sick baby really is in the NICU ?

Is this you ? Do you feel baby will be ok to come home at any time soon?

Or are you scared to face up to a long long stay for weeks or  months?

Well babies In the Nicu are really poorly so each day is one step at a time and as one mum said this week with her own baby in special care” its like taking baby steps” along the way to recovery and being allowed home.

A premature baby  can have an infection get antibiotics then find out no improvement has been made, so needs different medication to see which tackles the germ better.Then there is managing without breathing tubes or a set back because they need extra support, so one day at a time can change from hour by hour for some babies. The main thing is they are receiving the best amount of care for today and in the right place for it.Home too soon and its back to hospital for baby.

So be strong and of good courage and take care of your self too for when baby can come home.Its easier said than done trying to east get rest when you are worried stiff about baby but at least try so you can be ready for when baby needs you at home.



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