premature babies born 24 – 30 weeks prematurity of organs

poorly newborn

premature babies born 24 – 30 weeks prematurity of organs

premature babies born 24 weeks are the very smallest babies born to survive.Imagine your little pinky finger then this is the width of a premature baby’s arm around 24 weeks gestation.a mums wedding ring will fit onto the tiny baby’s wrist.this is how small they are.

The prematurity level of a baby’s organs inside this tiny fragile body are at their most vulnerable due to the early delivery at this age. The ones that are most at risk  is as follows.

  • the brain little vessels can hemorrhage.some bleeds can be slight but severe bleeds have long term disability effects.
  • Lungs not mature baby needing breathing assistance.
  • gastric problems baby may not take to well to having milk feeds to early as the intestines are not mature enough to cope.

most babies go on to have minor problems as they get bigger go home and go onto start are some pictures of the tiniest babies this link on our pinterestpage


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