premature babies baby boy too soon

premature babies when a baby is born too soon

why are babies born too soon ?

there are many reasons that a mum can go into premature labour and gives birth to a baby known as a premature baby here are just a few of them

  • premature rupture of the membranes
  • preeclampsia
  • incompetent cervix
  • infection
  • multiple pregnancy
  • problems with the placenta

do premature babies stay in hospital for a long time?

during the last few weeks of pregnancy the baby in the womb gains more weight and inner organs mature ready for delivery. the earlier the baby is born premature at the longer the stay due to the immaturity of the inner organs being underdeveloped.

for instance if a premature baby was born at only 25 weeks gestation of pregnancy you can recon on a stay in hospital around the expected due date so that would be approx 15 weeks stay in hospital.

premature babies what do they weigh?

premature babies weight can vary depending on how early they were born at and why if it was a placenta problem baby may not have been growing in the womb normally so may be smaller that another baby that was born premature just because mums cervix opened too early.

on average a 24 week baby will weigh around 1lb or just over.less than a bag of sugar in kilograms that’s around 500 grams.





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