Pregnant with triplets a dads point of view

This weeks blog posts looks at Multiple babies.Today we look at being pregnant with  triplets from a dads perspective.

Well your wife is pregnant, you go for a scan together and you find out there are 3 heartbeats, yep its triplets.You can’t tell anyone how they will feel hearing the news triplets, yes triplet babies it  means 3 babies all born at the same time or within a few minutes apart.

The news may hit you like a ton of bricks when you start to realize the costs involved that triple as you have to buy for 3 babies.

The day we found out my wife cried ” how am I going to cope she sobbed ” as we walked out of the hospital holding hands.I was already working as many hours as I could it didn’t really sink in until we looked at prams.How was she going to push 3 babies at the same time when I was at work.

Her mum was over the moon as she offered her support.She would be there during the day to help and I would be there in the evenings.I knew we had to stick together on this .3 babies a chance in a lifetime so special a gift from God, it happended without IVF so we gradually started to look forward to the big day.

Then it hits you again a multiple pregnancy carrys uncertainty its a high risk pregnancy lots of do’s and don’ts.Eat as  much as you can so the babies gain weight and so that they can stay in the womb as long as possible.

Its a good job my boss was understanding he let me have time off to go for what seemed like  hundreds of antenatal appointments.

Then came ordering nappies,formula powder,bottles,clothes, we opted for the sales rails and used coupons a lot.

The big day she managed to keep them for 34 weeks a natutral birth was out of the question a c section was booked for Last May.All babies gave a wimper and needed to stay in the NICU but wow how many items of clothes nappies etc they needed whilst they were in there.They were all able to come home wihtin a  few days of each other and then it was all hands on deck .My mum also came over to help with the babies.We each took a baby and recorded what time they needed bottles, changed nappies etc so if one adult needed a rest some one else knew where we were up to. Then the tiredness kicked in and after 2 weeks off work to help I then  had to leave my wife at home to cope  without me. Boy did I miss my 3 triplets so you got stuck in with her mum to help her.A year later they celebrated a first birthday party with a few other mums with multiples. She needed to get out more so she got in touch with a local twin and triplets group. Its great they all swap ideas,swap kids clothes so I am a happy family man  with a wonderful wife and 3 super kids.

Stay strong dads its worth it at the end of the pregnancy as you see your 3 individual characters shine through .

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