Pregnant what happens when baby doesn’t make it

No real babies are ever used in the photo shoots at Cheeky Chums.

what happens when a baby doesn’t make it.

I was speaking to a friend’s husband the other day and heard some news that adults don’t want to hear, dont like to hear, and is often controversial.
He used to be an undertaker I was shocked with what he told me! This is what he said many years ago if a pregnancy ended early and the baby didn’t make it or was born alseep often known as a stillborn baby.The smallest micro sized babies wern’t given a thought of and most were incinerated in the first instance.Mums wernt allowed to spend any quality time with the baby and imediate family having final moments, cuddles etc.The undertaker was in fact amazed when I told him Cheeky Chums actually sold baby bereavement clothes as small as only 5 inches in length and 16 cm for hats to match.Cheeky Chums wanted to make the final moments spent with a baby no matter how small soothing,peaceful and of fond farewells.
Baby is able to be dressed with dignity, baby is made to feel comfortable, baby can look more at peace and that he or she is fully dressed in clothes that fit. Ready for family cuddles and a then settled for the final sleep. The majority of these baby clothes are made in any sizes you need to fit baby that has just passed away. Created with simple openings and fastenings for ease of dressing.

As Cheeky Chums are the premature baby clothes superstore catering for the smallest of tiny baby clothes The department most parents may find hard to visit is the baby bereavement section.Devastated at not being able to provide a family with a 2lb baby, clothes or even dolls clothes the range Something Precious came about approx 2-3 years ago. The range has increased offering clothes to fit and final resting garments in all soft cosy fabrics in the teeny tinest of cute sizes.
Now after much waiting the newest line for the babies which are too fragile for dressing have arrived.These are” celebration of life baby bereavement cribs “.For babies under 1lb in weight 0-8 inches. Its a little moses basket and blanket that baby can get to use. Snuggled up cuddles with mummy and at rest to fit snug in a casket for the funeral.For unisex colours You can see them hereand for pinks and blue shades you can see them here
Cheeky Chums main premature baby and neonatal baby clothes shopping site is

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