Pregnant me having a baby you must be joking !

Pregnant me having a baby you must be joking ! Imagine being told you are pregnant after 10 years of trying for a baby.
My friend I work with just found out she is pregnant but she is already 6 monthsShe said her periods were always irregular but wouldn’t you know by 6 months that you have a baby inside of you. Do you think its possible to not know for almost 6 months?
hi, yes this can happen. my friend works in the hospital in maternity ward and she told me, one night she was at work and a woman come in and she was in pain but not too much and she was hugh and she thought she had the flu. turned out she was in actual labor.Plus in todays news 8//02/10

A woman who was told she would never have children has spoken of her shock to find out she was not ill but seven months pregnant.Initially mistaking her swollen stomach for a complication connected to an ovarian cyst.Discovering an ovarian cyst, an underdeveloped womb and blocked fallopian tubes in her early twenties.
She never took the contraceptive pill and began to accept that she would possible never have any children of her own.
she went to her GP as her stomach swelled shell shocked and pleased at the same time she was delivered the news by her GP she was not ill but approx seven months pregnant.
Three weeks later after an emergency Caesarean at St Michael’s Hospital. Weighing in at 6lb 6oz, she delivered her baby two months early and needed steroids to make her lungs grow.
Cham,pagen all round then never give up hope.

“The baby must have been kicking but I thought it was in my head.”
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