Pregnant Girlfriend how to Be the best dad ever, great tips HERE

bigstock_Changing_The_Baby_S_Nappy_1077020How Dad to be can be the best daddy in the world in just 7 easy steps.

1. Be involved right from the start that you find out your wife or partner is pregnant. Mums do generally know best but have an input. Ask questions before buying things for the baby. Get as much advice as you can from the midwife health visitor etc so you don’t waste money on baby products you don’t need or a pram that wont fit into the car.
2. Visit as much as possible at the hospital as soon as baby is born. Avoiding visiting In case you are scared of holding a newborn won’t do you any favours with your partner or baby and in the bonding process that happens just after birth.
3. Offer to do your share with bathing, holding, changing baby, not only will it give your partner time to recover but you are building confidence in handling a newborn baby and building a loving relationship with your child from day one.
4. Talk and learn to listen to your baby at every opportunity that he or she is awake. Listen for the ooh, awws, coos and learn to differentiate between a hungry cry, tired cry it will come eventually as a new parent everyone has to understand babies they don’t cry the same way for everything they need, they cry because they need the “something” it may even be just a cuddle they need from you but its your job to patiently find out what it is?.
5. Balance the dad and lad in you. Having a baby makes you become a man and you also need time for the “bit of a lad” in you but don’t disappear all the time. Just because you don’t want responsibility listen to your partner too if she needs a break from Motherhood.
6. Learn, listen and Play it’s a constant learning curve being a dad. To be the best dad in the world takes determination, kindness, love, stability.
As your child grows up do not fight with your children if you stop and listen instead of a slanging match that often happens between families Be there for your child when a bike tire needs repairing or they want you to play football with them or your little girl wants you to have a pretend cup of tea, having fun with your children is the answer to a lot of stressful situations that could have been avoided if only the parent listened to what the child was saying.
7. Get the above points into your head from day one and you won’t go wrong. It’s the stress, arguments and fear that creeps in and destroys something wonderful in family relationships.
When this happens the whole family suffers, parents split up, kids don’t listen or respect parents, kids move out, kids get into trouble with police because parents are not there for them bang! one disappointed dad and mum.

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