pregnant at 15,pregnant at 18, pregnant at 19 when?

a short view of how one young mum reveals what went through her mind before during and after getting pregnant as a teen.

I hated my parents they never loved me oh how good it wasto be with my boyfriend.i wanted to escape this prison of unhappiness and be in wedded bliss!lets have a baby in a hurry to get a house together and live happily everafter.First pregnancy great maternity clothes at 3 months oh how I couldnt wait.Along came baby screaming every night.I wish he would shut up I need to watch the telly.I couldn’t be bothered cleaning up I wish my mum would have come.I couldn’t leave them alone to nip to the shops you are stuck in all the time as your friends go in to town.The kids came first its awful  being lonely and miserable stuck at home most of the time without a break.Now my kids are older and as I look back I had them too young and for the wrong reasons.You can change things in the past but make the best of what you have then and now.