Pregnancy,pregnant a newborn health at risk

Pregnancy,how pregnant women can put a newborn baby’s health at risk.

1. Quit SMOKING.. you may have heard it all before but your newborn can be born of a low birth weight called small for dates causing problems with the placentaĀ having a diminished capacity to transport oxygen and nutrients to theĀ unborn baby.Ā asthma problems may develop with your baby later smoking causes cancer too for you.

2.Avoiding medical advice from midwives doctors specialists etc, avoiding going to checkups, avoiding hospital appointments until birth…..Screening tests, scans are usedĀ  not only to detemine your due date but keeps an eye on baby’s growth and predicting a multiple pregnancy,abnormalitities with baby which may need surgery later on. Some mums develop pre eclampsia late on in pregnancy which can be fatal for both you and your baby if left undetected early.Close observation is needed should you develop high blood pressure which may result in you staying in hopsital for the remainder of your pregnancy, so it is very important you seek medical advice as soon as you suspect you may be pregnant.Ā 

3.Not Looking Ā after yourself…..Not eating properly,keeping healthy, keeping fit but not to the extreem.Doing light excercise throughout your pregnancy canĀ you prepare for what it’s going to doĀ at the time or birth LABOUR. Its called labour because it is hard work so keeping your body healthy will help you prepare for the long tiring hours of contractions and pushing a baby out into the big wide world.

4.Don’t Take Drugs, Drinking Excessive Alcohol amounts, or Substance abuse….Being responsible.You will be bringing a new life into the world so the later speaks for its self. Your baby will rely on you to take of it, to feed it to keep it clean ,to love it,Ā to keep it from catching any harm. If you are so spaced out, that is showing you should not be left in charge of a baby because your baby could be in left in harms way,think of this and seek practical help from another adult you can trust.You needĀ practical help to come off them well inĀ advance before your baby is born.Some Social workers will take your baby from you at birth if your baby is born addicted to drugs.Ā Drugs can cause your baby to be addictedĀ at birth because itĀ Ā passes through the placenta direct to your baby.

5Keeping a pregnancy a secret until the last minute (especially for teen/young mums to be) Rape victims….Getting help right from the start can help you stop making mistakes you later regret.Or as in a rape case, you may reject your baby,wanting to damage it before birth putting both of you at risk.You could have councelling and take possible action to stop someone doing the same thing to someone else.Getting the right help as early as possible opens up a lot of help for you to take the best possible care of both your and your newborn.

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